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Butler Bay, St. Croix

65 Acres for $6.5 Million

Butler Bay Area
The Butler Bay area is a best kept secret. Served by a single two lane coastal road, the NW sunset coast remains an area prized for its beauty, privacy, sandy beaches and tropical sunsets.

Sunset Coast Looking South

The southern view highlights the dramatic ridges that run into the sea. The views from the ridgelines, being on the NW corner, provide 270 degree views from Sandy Point visible in the distance around to Puerto Rico and on the St. Thomas to the north. 

The Butler Bay area lies on the NW corner of St. Croix. From elevations that run to 600' above sea level, vistas weep from Puerto Rico east to Vieques, Culebra and St. Thomas.

Topographically, the Butler Bay area is defined by steep valleys carpeted by tropical forests and ridgelines that descend fron the sky to the sea. Facing directly west the area is the best place to view the setting sun and the emergence of the Milky Way unaffected by ambient light.

The green areas to the east of both sites are protected under covenants and restrictions that restrict minimum lot size to 2.5 acres and residential use only. To date no development has taken place on any part of the green areas.


This NASA photo reveals the terrain of the Butler Bay area and the placement of the offered parcels.

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Baobob_Tree_in_the_Butler_Bay_Nature_Preserve.jpg (76001 bytes)

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Foxwoods Casino Operations are working toward the opening of a Casino in William & Punch as shown on this map.

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